About Başkan Yapı

Başkan Yapı; A family business since 1984 which has been entirely dedicating its period of business life into the sector of PVC and aluminium

1984-2009 Başkan Kilit-company owner; 2009-2017 Accado-shareholder; 2018 Başkan Yapı- as owner of the company, experiences based on many years have been submitted

Alongside of intensive works in regard to wide range groups of PVC & aluminium products, customer network of the company has considerably reached the international level through 101 countries and particularly their market have been met as well as have made possible to trade with 55 countries.

Başkan Yapı located at İstanbul, is in cooperation with leader firms of the sector. Meanwhile has been offering you the most suitable products by the principle of high quality service in the sector of aluminium, PVC, interior and exterior doors.