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  • Aluminium profile production by 1050,1070,6060,6063,6363,6005,6082 alloys and availibility for other aluminium alloys by using 127 ,152,178,203 diameters billets.
  • Manufacturing through presses with the sizes of; 2 numbers of 6 inch and 1250 ton, 1 number of 7 inch and 1650 ton, 2 numbers of 8 inch and 2700 ton, 1 number of 10 inch 3500 ton.
  • European QUALANOD specification & QUALICOAT & TSE quality standards.
  • Vertical electrostatic application of powdered paint in the facility of paint which has capacity of 15.000 ton per year.
  • Wide range of RAL color options depending on customer request.
  • Installation through providing system accessories and process of punching, cutting preferred angle and length with high precision.
  • According to demand, shrink packaging and nylon coiling special packaging options.
  • Insulated & uninsulated profiles for window and door sector.
  • Facade systems.
  • Railing profiles.
  • Furniture & shower cabin & machine & ventilation & solar systems
  • Standard profile (pipes, T-L-U profiles, flat profiles)
  • Special profiles belonging to our customers.
  • Press & anodised & coated profile options.
  • Galvanized wood transfer.