Aluminium Flat Products Production Facilities provide services in a total 310.000 m² area, of which 135.000 m² is enclosed, and has total annual capacity of 120.000 tons of flat rolled  products, of which 50.000 tons are coated products.

Plates and foils that have different alloys (1000-3000-5000-7000-8000 ranges),  demanded tempers, sizes and surface properties (flat, embossing, tread plate, painted, laminated) are produced in the facility.

It is one of few facilities in Europe that can continuously cast for the production of rolls with 2.200 mm width and 2.600 mm external diameter (approximately 26 tons), is one of the facilities that have the highest technology in its sector thanks to its special raw material loading carts on casting lines, contactless liquid metal mixing system, vertical liquid metal filtering systems and automatic plate profile measurement system.

Rolling mill:
It is the only facility in Turkey that can efficiently roll 5000 and 6000 range hard alloys with its 6 roller CVC cold rolling mill, which is a first in Turkish aluminium sector. Thanks to the thickness control system at both inlet and outlet of the roller which is a first in Turkish aluminium sector; the company produces materials at thickness tolerances lower than the half of the European norms.

Flat Products Production Facility is one of the few facilities in the world that can paint lateral roll with 2.100 mm width and has a wide range of products thanks to the embossing, static lubrication, hot and cold lamination units on this line.

It is the leader in the world with its capability of producing 2.170 mm-wide foil at 2.000 m/minute speed. As it aims to provide the best products to its clients at all times and also with the  production capacity starting from 6 microns, aims to become world leader in terms of quality by adding VCR (variable dished back roll) to its foil mill and hot oil system.

Coated Coil Thickness Width Outer Diameter
0,20-2,00mm 500-2.100mm max. 2.600mm
Coated Strip Thickness Width Outer Diameter
0,20-2.00mm 25-500mm max. 2.600mm
Coated Sheet Thickness Width Length
0,40-2.00mm 760-2.100mm  500-12.000mm



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